I am an avid reader of apracticalwedding.com and last week a post about dealing with churches and personal choices really sparked my thoughts.

I am currently in the incredibly early planning stages of a wedding. I was raised Roman Catholic and my fiance’ was raised Lutheran. I no longer can agree with the catholic church. I feel that same sex marriage should be allowed. It is 2 adults who want to make a commitment to each other, they should have the freedom to do so. A marriage is a commitment of 2 people who love each other who say i want you by my side through the good times and the bad. What’s so wrong with that? Plenty of couples get married after they are of child bearing years so if they can get married, what’s the difference of a same sex couple?

I also feel that a female should be able to say mass. I don’t understand the sexism in that. If you are Christian you believe everyone was made in God’s likeness so to say a female presiding over mass doesn’t re-enact Jesus during the last supper doesn’t make sense and feels wrong to me.
Now i need to figure out how to break the news to my family that I won’t be getting married in a catholic ceremony. My future in-laws are also heavily against a catholic ceremony.

So i need to finally face my family on my evolved religious beliefs, and still deal with wanting to find a church to belong to again that doesn’t make me feel like a terrible person for having pre-marital sex and living with him before marriage. Nervous and paranoid about it? You bet.