Working can suck, but so can the idea of switching careers.

I will not say what I do other than that I work at a desk and make a decent living. The job has helped to provide me with a lot of things I wanted in life physically but emotionally it does nothing. Emotionally it sucks monkey butts.

Some days I can enjoy my job and feel like I might contributing to the big picture. Most days I feel like a pointless nut in the system. I don’t like sitting at a desk all day long staring at a computer screen. I’d much rather go outdoors or at least be moving around.

I’ve thought about starting my own business but I can’t figure out anything. I wonder at time if there just working from home most of the time would help me to feel better about my current position, but I know I can’t constantly telecommute.
If I were actually using my degree maybe I’d feel better about coming into this place everyday. There are 2 openings in that office opening up. It’s difficult to put together a resume’ when you haven’t had the chance to work in the realm you are applying to for 3 years though.

Would I still be miserable running my own business? There is a lot more added stress then and instability. Also going off on my own to get a more fulfilling career would also cost some financial freedom and might make that desire to travel much more difficult also the whole time frame too would be harder to take off huge chunks of time to take long vacations in far off lands, like Australia. Although if I had a job I could telework to then i could work from anywhere in the world.

Could I ever find a balance that works for me? Dealing with anxiety most would think a low stress job would be better. I sometimes think the busier I am the less time I have to analyze and let the anxiety take a hold.

All I do know is that I am getting tired of this eternal battle of feeling more fulfilled.