Does anyone else feel like their soul is being devoured by their job?

Call me crazy but I think that’s the first sign that I need a career change. The downside of that is being able to afford all of my bills. In this economy, there is no way in hell I have a shot at a job that would pay me near the same and have much in security. Also doesn’t help that my fiance’ doesn’t have a remotely well paying job. If I can just hold onto a small part of my soul until my car is paid off then maybe i can find a job that isn’t so soul sucking and unfulfilling.

Although maybe if I would be better about taking my meds it might be easier. Although every work day is literally 110% of dread. I sleep like crap on work days and have motivation to do nothing. The rare day I do feel motivated i get so stressed from work and so workaholic that i dream about work. There isn’t a much worse nightmare that dreaming you are at work and still doing your workload in your sleep.